It Shouldn’t Be A Fight

Going by the content generated on LinkedIn, GDPR is prompting adverts for services and software, often ill-informed arguments over the minutiae of subsections of the regulation and an unseemly rush to promote oneself as the go-to guy/gal for GDPR regulation.

Discussions on various forum have descended into vitriolic exchanges as people jostle for position to be seen to be an authority on the subject. It seems as though people are seeing the regulation as a zero-sum game for the individuals and organisations seeking to develop the market for consultancy services or tin-shifting.

Perhaps this was all predictable. We have the EU on one side, raising the bar for penalties for organisations playing fast-and-loose with data subjects’ digital identities, a large cohort of organisations trying to remain profitable in the falling ash of the credit crunch with, seemingly, little time to absorb, understand and act on the new regulation, and a market which had been hankering for the next Millennium Bug as a ‘hanger’ on which to sell services or tools.

Regulation is a fact of life. No one consciously thinks on a perpetual basis about the regulations which shape our modern world as we absorb their strictures almost by osmosis.

This privacy regulation arrived on May 2018 and there has been all manner of fall-out from it, some informative, some counter-intuitive and some… just plainly bizarre.

Instead of wasting energy in jockeying for position in the market, we would be better served by sharing information.

It is a huge market.


There is a phenomenal shortfall in suitably-equipped advisers to steer business through. Instead of bickering with people who are potentially equally as ill-informed, why not share information, guidance and thoughts in order to raise the bar for everyone?

This unseemly battle for top-billing is a side-show for the desperate, and should be dismissed as such.

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