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David Wright, B.A. FIP


Mark Evans, MBA, B.Sc.(Hons), FIPMark Evans, Director Athene Secure

Managing Director


David Wright is a highly-qualified, extremely experienced technician in matters relating to data protection and cyber security.  Friendly, approachable and with an implacable attitude towards providing excellent service to clients, David has built, improved and rebuilt infrastructures and support service for organisations requiring the best of what is available in terms of performance and protection.


In a former role, David built and managed a network which separated the requirements of two key clients of the business; a sensitive UK military establishment and the government of the People’s Republic of China.  Wise enough to appreciate that resting on laurels was a route to a data breach, David strove to increase security service through adoption of the latest technology, but also in the enthusiastic approach to training staff in order for them to understand that security starts with people.
Throughout his career, David has been the embodiment of “Pragmatic Data Protection.  Emphatic Cyber Security” for employers and clients.

A former Top 100 UK CIO, Mark has been a staunch advocate of corporate responsibility towards data subjects for many years within the teams he has had the pleasure to manage.
Leading from the front, Mark has spoken at many industry conferences about how data protection service can be a key business enabler and a true cost-saving vehicle for organisations which are prepared to do the necessary pre-project work to drive such improvements into the DNA of the business.


A firm believer that protection comes from education, Mark has given advice to Central Government departments, ‘household name’ multinationals and two-person businesses alike.
Often a challenging voice in the industry, Mark fundamentally believes that we achieve nothing by not confronting the status quo.  Throughout his career, Mark has set the standard high and has felt tremendous satisfaction when his faith in people is always rewarded by his teams and other stakeholders exceeding his expectations, driven by Mark’s enthusiasm and belief in “Pragmatic Data Protection.  Emphatic Cyber Security”