Dynamic IT Direction

What is “Dynamic IT Direction”?

You can consider “Dynamic IT Direction” as your bespoke senior IT managment solution.  Athene Secure offers its services in data protection Dynamic IT Direction(GDPR) and Cyber Security  to address specific challenges, however, Dynamic IT Direction addresses strategic and operational needs across the IT service provision landscape for organisations.

Dynamic IT Direction covers all of the challenges organisations can face when it comes to developing, enhancing and maintaining IT operations.  We offer senior direction on a retained, contingency and interim bases.

Comparatively few organisations have an electrician on the payroll, but their business might fail without electricity.

Very few organisations have a medical doctor on the payroll, but they may have health and safety obligations to their staff.

Most organisations feel the need to hire an IT professional, a team or even an entire department/division within their organisation.  This is inefficient, expense and another managment overhead.

Retained Dynamic IT Direction

Athene Secure can operate as your Chief Information Officer (CIO) or IT Director on a monthly retainer.  You will have a senior, widely-respected senior IT practitioner who can pull in services on a “pay for what you use” basis to cut costs and improve availability of systems and services to your organisation.

We have removed the requirement for an IT team for a global organisation as well as for smaller businesses across the UK.  We have removed the constant Dynamic IT ManagmeentDynamic IT Directioncost of salary, NI contributions, requirements for maternity/paternity cover – all of the elements of hiring staff.  These savings go straight to the bottom line.

Contingent Dynamic IT Direction

If you need someone to “steady the ship” in the eventuality of a problem, we can help.  Your senior IT person leaves your organisation and you need a quick replacement – we can help.  You are promoting from within your business and need a mentor on an ad hoc basis – we can help.

Your organisation isn’t committing to a retained service and you have no requirement for an interim senior IT manager. Not a problem.  Consider our contingency service as a way to plug any gaps in your IT service provision until everything gets back to normal…

Interim Dynamic IT Direction

When you need a senior IT manager to come into your organisation, complete a project or to continue service whilst you seek a permanent replacement, our Dynamic IT Direction can help.  We have relocated data centres, migrated from on-premise to Cloud infrastructure, rationalised email services, managed large-scale (>1000) computer deployments, business continuity, cyber security refresh, office migrations, and projects for ERP, CRM and CMS systems implementation and migrations.

Your strategy. Our strategy. The strategy.

Organisations can use our services strategically.  Engage us to resolve immediate challenges.  Hire our services to successfully deliver projects.  Retain us to serve as a non-exec so that you can have an award-winning Board, member representing IT,  guiding you towards excellence in IT and all aligned with your organisation’s strategy.

You don’t need to hire an IT team. You don’t need to hire a senior IT manager.

You simply need to use your expertise to run your organisation. Our expertise will ensure that your IT service will support your organisation – wherever you need to take it.