Emphatic Cyber Security

What is “Emphatic cyber security”?

The Internet is one of Humankind’s greatest achievements.

It fuels life as we know it in the Information Age…  but there is a cost.

Hackers, the “Bad Actors” of the internet, are finding new and damaging ways to attack your computer, both at home and in the workplace.
Technology is only now beginning to keep pace and build the type of defences which keep the hackers awake at night – emphatic cyber security.

Full-time, managed anti-malware for everyone.

Whether you operate as a sole trader or a multi-national, we offer a 24x7x365 cyber security managed anti-malware service which not only protects your computer (Windows, OSX, Linux) from standard viruses but will protect your computer from viruses as yet unknown, using modern anti-malware techniques.
In the time it takes you, or one of your staff members to say Emphatic Cyber Securitythose awful words, “Er.  .  .  I wonder what this attachment is?!” the anti-malware software will have prevented the virus from working.
Simple as that.
Wherever you are.
Whenever you need it.
All for less than £2 per week per computer.

Full-time cyber-security reporting

We offer managed protection for office networks, too.
Ask us for a quote.  It will definitely be cheaper than hiring a full-time cyber security person (and remember – our service will be operating 24x7x365).

Always-on email protection

Need proof that your emails have arrived? We can offer a service which gives you a full track on where your emails have gone.  It includes digital signatures and large file transfers for attachments which may be too large for your email server.  Full visibility on where your email goes, who opens it, when and whether they access the attachments.

It’s incredibly easy to “spoof” most organisations’ email addresses.  Imagine the embarrassment of receiving an email purportedly from yourself! Imagine the same embarrassment if your email address is used to give instruction to your Finance team to release funds to an offshore account that you know nothing about? We can prevent that, too – and it’s extremely inexpensive to do so.

We can protect your email.
If you want to prevent “phishing” emails, let us guide you through the service we offer, which is again, a full 24x7x365 service for email.  The service can handle outbound email branding campaigns (so your Marketing team has control of email footers leaving the business, to promote the great offers and work you have at the moment and to provide a slick, professional image to the business).
The email service can also log all email in, out and across your business, so dispute resolution can be mitigated, as well as any Data Subject Access Requests you may need to prepare within your obligations under GDPR.

Athene Secure. 

Emphatic Cyber Security.