Fully Managed Services

Fully managed services at any scale. 

A 24x7x365 monitoring service, protecting your computers and network.  New threats are ever-emerging and you have a job of work to do which doesn’t include updating antivirus or antimalware software.  You may have an IT team, but people quite often need to sleep…  Athene Secure offers a fully-managed service which can protect your IT all day, every day.

Who looks after your systems then?

Athene Secure.

We can provide you with a fully-managed service to protect your computer estate from viruses, ransomware – even viruses which were only released today.

Fully-managed serviceWe can protect your servers and your firewalls.  Managing the service from a 24-hour operations centre.  All day, every day, our service is watching out for the sort of ‘visitors’ no business wants.

We use our purchasing economy of scale to offer an Enterprise service at an SME cost.  In fact, the protection is so comprehensive and easy to implement that we can provide to protect the computers of you and your family.

Protecting in real-time.

Our engineers will be checking what is happening and if there is any doubt, they will contact you.

Yes – a real person!

Through economies of scale we can hire the best people to manage the operation of the service.  We can make sure that you can rely on well-trained professionals who gain more experience on a daily basis and apply that real-world knowledge to protecting your business.

All day.

Every day. 

So – this must be expensive, right?

For the anti-malware service, we charge a flat fee of £8 per computer per month.  When we say “computer” we mean any system running Windows, OSX (Apple) or Linux.  We can even protect Windows XP if it is absolutely impossible to upgrade to a later operating system.

Q: How many licenses do you need to buy in order to pay only £6 per month for a computer to be protected all day, every day?

A: Only one per protected device.  If you only have one computer in your business, only pay for one license.

The full network protection service needs us to perform a no-cost audit of your systems and then we produce a no-obligation quote.  Safe to say, the monthly cost isn’t prohibitive.

You can rest assured that Athene Service will be protecting your business even whilst you sleep – even if your computer estate never rests.  .  .