The Chronos Service – GDPR Project Management

Chronos – The Personification of Time

If your organisation handles personal data, you have an obligation under GDPR to protect that data.  You may need a consultant to come in and help you to assess and implement some degree of compliance.

Consultancy costs money.

There is a requirement under GDPR for your staff to be trained on GDPR if they handle personal data.

Training costs money.

The Chronos service is a GDPR Project Management approach.  Athene Secure gives guidance to your employees in order for your organisation to achieve its conformance with the regulation.  This is typically delivered as a telephone or video conference (which means there are no consultancy expenses to pay).  Our consultants go through a project management process to drive forward your compliance.  At the end of the call, the next project management milestone is set. Your employees undertake the work at their own pace and around their other work.

So what?

This project management approach is significantly cheaper than giving the work wholesale to a consultant.  Our Helios service takes around five days to reach the report stage.  This outlines what the organisation needs to achieve in subsequent work.

With Chronos, we can cut the fee down to fewer than three days with the buy-in of the organisation.  That’s an obvious 25-40% immediate saving in terms of cost.  Your staff will not only know that they need to operate in a particular way to protect personal data, they will know why.  They will also know what project management steps have been undertaken so that they can adapt any risky business processes in ways which means that they have taken ownership.  GDPR hasn’t been “done to them”.  Your team will be able to contribute as and when processes need to change.

The Chronos Service builds data protection into your business from your employees, with Athene Secure’s guidance.