Pragmatic Data Protection

What is Pragmatic Data Protection?

If your organisation processes personal data on paper or by electronic means, you appreciate that you need to comply with the GDPR (or the Data Protection Act 2018 in the UK).

What you’re not happy about is people coming and telling you that you need to fundamentally comply with every comma and full-stop in the regulation.  You don’t want to spend the entire organisation’s budget on the latest piece of tech kit, but you are unsure what to do.

Protecting your data, protecting your business.

At Athene Secure, we can guide you to a “defensible position” for your organisation.  You can tell the regulator why you adopted some elements and why you didn’t adopt others and show that you have kept the needs of the data subject  – your customers, your employees – at the forefront of your organisation’s efforts.

Data protection with business foremost.

We know business.  Athene Secure was set up by two directors (one with a degree in accountancy and one with an MBA who has significant Board experience within global organisations) so we know the pressures and requirements facing your organisation in its efforts to satisfy its stakeholders.

So we won’t patronise protection

We won’t expect you to convert your business into a pristine example of data protection by recommending the “latest, greatest” of everything.

You may have been stung in the past by ‘consultants’ who tell you what to buy and how to buy it and what to replace.  Complying with the regulation needn’t come with a huge cost and shiny new equipment everywhere.  It doesn’t need ascetic adherence to impossible standards.

Business needs a pragmatic approach to data protection.

It needs input from people who want to make your business compliant whilst acknowledging that you didn’t get into your current occupation with a view to becoming a data protection expert or to have your hands tied by red tape.

Athene Secure. 

Pragmatic Data Protection.