Privacy Commitment


Your privacy is important to us.

We are happy to receive email from you in respect of potential work or even to answer queries you may have.  We have no interest in keeping your data for anything other than dealing with any queries or concerns you may have around working with us, data protection, GDPR or cyber security.

We won’t use your data for marketing purposes because (a) we’re not very good at writing Marketing emails and (b) you’ll either want our services or you won’t, and we don’t want to keep digitally “knocking your door” because that sort of thing irritates us, too.

If we receive email concerning anything other than queries about working with Athene Secure or general queries about data protection then we will only hold the email if we need to have a chat with the local constabulary.  It’s unbelievable what some people think is acceptable on email these days, isn’t it? We will answer your query and delete the email and your contact details.  If you ask us a question it shouldn’t mean that you have an unending obligation to thank us every Christmas if we send a card.  It won’t happen.  We’ll answer your question and delete all record of the conversation.  Just bear in mind that any responses will be general in terms.  This is partly so that we aren’t committing you to professional advice we can’t prove that we have given – after deleting your email – and partly because.  .  .  Well.  .  .  We make our living from selling our services and we can’t afford to do this for nothing, sorry.

We’d be happy to receive recipes, photos of cats or any other sort of nice, friendly stuff but please don’t be offended if we keep the recipe for a great Tarka Daal but delete your email within a month because we need to ensure that your personal data (email address and any other personal data) is safe from other people on the internet from whom you may not want to receive email.  We use Microsoft Office 365 for email.  We are happy with that service, but we can’t assume that no one is ever going to hack it and so we delete email addresses as a matter of course.

Once we have answered your query and there is no opportunity for a follow up – you may be fine for data protection or GDPR and not require any of our other services – we will hold onto your email for a full calendar month, just in case you have forgotten something and come back to us.  .  .  No one wants to have to keep repeating themselves, do they?

If you are generous and offer us some business then we will hold onto your email as dictated by UK law – it’s to protect you and us.  If you represent a private company you’ll be aware that we will have to keep such information for six years plus the current financial year because HMRC expect us to.  We retain the data for an additional six months so that we can defend the company if the lawyers are slow to operate.

Obviously, if you have additional terms we are usually happy to oblige and we will match your storage requirements as long as they are reasonable as far as the law is concerned.

As ever, if you have any queries or concerns, please feel free to contact us on this email address.

The best point of reference for your data subject rights can be found on the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) website, along with all of the other information you might need to ensure that you’re happy with the way your personal data is being handled.  For any queries about personal data, the ICO is the place to go.