The Helios Service – The Bringer of Light

You may have been meaning to “get around to doing that” with regards to GDPR preparation and you’re uncertain about what you need to do, if anything.
If you had a magic wand to wish it all away, you might be finding yourself waving frantically.

We can’t offer a magic wand, but we can take the process and run it for you.

After a free discovery call in which we begin to understand your business we will put together a plan to outline the gap between where your operations currently stand and where they need to be in order to conform with the regulation, along with an estimated time requirement from your organisation and its key stakeholders.

We will map the data flows around your business and engage with your key stakeholders to understand how they move personal data around.

We will provide you with a roadmap of how to bridge the gap between where you currently stand and where your organisation needs to be.  We can even help you to bridge that gap by writing policies and processes which will provide your organisation with mitigation if you ever suffer a breach.  You will need to prove to the Information Commissioner’s Office that you have taken every reasonable step to protect the personal data with which you have been entrusted by data subjects.

A typical engagement is three or four days on site with a day for writing reports.

If you require us to take your organisation through to its “defensible position” with regards to the regulation we can discuss that after you have the report.