Zero IT. World-class IT Management in SME business

Zero IT – what does it mean?

Zero IT is what we call our service to maximise your IT without you having to do anything IT based.

Tell us how you want to develop your business and we will handle the strategy to make it happen.

Let us know your budget and we will get the best deals on your behalf.

If you have Corporate Social Responsibility KPIs, we will help you to run your business without costing the Earth in terms of the environment.

With our services in GDPR and Cyber Security, we can build protection, disaster recovery and business continuity into the heart of your business.  As much or as little help as you need.

How does Zero IT work?

We can provide the entirely practical elements at a minimal cost.  Okay – define “minimal”?

  • 24x7x365 managed telephone IT support from 60p per day per computer.
  • 24x7x365 managed Enterprise-class antivirus/antimalware for 40p per day per computer
  • 24x7x365 managed office network cyber protection, competitively priced, based on your network topology
  • 24x7x365 managed WiFi connectivity and security, competitively priced, Zero ITbased on your particualr requirements
  • Offsite backup of data
  • Managed print services
  • Managed networking (broadband or leased line connectivity)
  • VoIP telephony
  • Mobile telephony and tablet/phone security
  • Software licensing
  • Bespoke systems development
  • Cyber Security insurance

So what?

We offer these services and apply them – where suitable – to prevent the sort of problems which can bring your business to a grinding halt.  Protect your systems, with the satisfaction that you can pick up a phone or email someone at any time to deal with your problems.

Perfect for people on the road or homeworkers.  Their IT support follows them wherever they go on the planet.

What about our business strategy?

We have award-winning senior IT management consultants who have operated in senior roles, both globally and locally.  These heavyweight practitioners can help you to match your IT to the needs of the business.  Zero ITUsing your business strategy, we can present a roadmap for you, costed, so that any financing decisions can be factored in.  Your business IT can ‘come alive’ with minimal input from us.  You just pay for the time you use.  We give you a quote and you decide when, how and how long you want us to be engaged with your business.

Non-Exec Chief Information Officer/IT Director?

If you adopt “Zero IT” you can decide that you don’t need a permanent senior IT manager.  The cost for a reasonably competent senior IT manager will start at £70,000 per year, along with other benefits.  If your Board meetings last for an afternoon, you can have a respected, authoritive IT voice at the Board for less than 6% of that salary (and no need for holiday pay, health insurance, car…).


If you wantr to retain the services of a senior IT manager for Zero IT, we’re more than happy to oblige.  With a minimum commitment of one hour per month, you will have a Chief Information Officer/IT Director to deal with any issues you may have around IT.

With the managed services on offer you shouldn’t have problems, but retaining a senior IT manager means that they will be able to contribute to helping your business because they will know your business!

This helps you to address the strategic element of IT in your organisation.